Should I Keep Trying?

It is difficult at times living at the edges of the Bell Shaped Curve.  I am either making a fortune…or nothing.  I am either ridiculously happy…or hiding under the table.

Lately, this lifetime dream of touching hearts is taking a toll.  Yet, when it does happen…it carries my spirit for days.  I have reached out a number of ways since moving to Nashville.  I’ve talked with Nashville Parent magazine.  I’ve talked with radio stations.  I’ve met some influential people in the music business.  I have made contact with people at Tri-Star Hospital group.  I’ve been in touch with other dad writing guys.  They have all expressed interest in helping move my project and effort along.

Then…no return phone calls…no return emails…and a sadness sets in that influences my entire day.  Actually, I described it as living a real life Ground Hog Day…like the movie…existence.  It makes enjoying a day hard.  I lose my spirit and joy until I find myself in another situation where a new face in need of a good word appears in front of me.

So, yesterday…on the way to the dentist…I see a car with its right tail light out.  Usually I would make the effort let that person know about it…because how else are you going to know about that…because you can’t see it for yourself right?  As fate would have it…the car comes along side me at the next light.  I actually wonder if it is worth the effort.  She might get nervous about me motioning her…why bother…no one cares about you trying to watch over others…yet, my darn parents lived every moment like it counted.  So, I rolled down my window and said…you might like to know that your right brake light is out.  She said…thank you…and your left one is out.  I laughed out loud and so did she.  Now, that’s funny.  Was it a message to keep trying?  Why wouldn’t she have done the same thing for me…because I know she wasn’t going to tell me unless I made the effort first?

The really funny thing is that my car is very new and I doubted that the tail light was out…the sun was very bright from behind us and she might have been mistaken.  When the wife came home I confirmed my suspicion…the light was working.

Yet, that momentary laugh out loud was enough to carry my spirit to my new dentist office.  I was my usual friendly self and made some new friends.  I even gave my new dentist…Dr Cheryl Snyder…a book and some friendly words and got a hug before I left.  Might have lifted a heart or two there.  Thanks mom and dad.

Later, a certified letter tag showed up in my mailbox…so I jumped in the car and went to the listed post office.  I was told that the carrier had the letter in her truck.  So, I returned home and waited for Dana to show up…it’s always nice to be friendly to the typically nameless people in your life.  She came to the door around 3:30 and had me sign for it.  I knew what it was.  It was a re-sent check and documents from my secretary Cathy Farrell-Katz from 30 years ago…wanting to help my project.  She wanted to make a contribution to my 501c3 because she often credits me with changing her life…still calls me on Boss’s Day!

Dana asked what project I was talking about…and described my Greatful Dad efforts.  The twinkle in her eye disappeared as she said she was struggling on recovering her relationship with her 16  year old son…and discovered that she had to change herself first.  I told her that was HUGE to learn that and that good things would come to her if she continued on that path.  I ran downstairs and grabbed a copy of my book and suggested she try reading the first two chapters out loud with her son.  I told her that the sweet lady sending this check called me one day and told me that it took 3 1/2 hours to do the 31 pages because her 13 and 14 year old daughters and they were sitting on the floor crying and hugging as they learned that words left unsaid had been healed.

So, I got a few big hugs and smiles from Dana as she returned to her truck.

How many people get a hug from their mail carrier and dentist in the same day?  I considered it a great day and will work hard today to make a difference…without thought of any return.  I continue to believe all love should be unconditional.  And so do my boys.

Thank you again Mom and Dad!!!




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