A new wave of Caring!

One of the most important lessons I learned from my folks was…to fill up your own cup…give away yourself to others.

I now own the domain name…The Caring Guy.com. I bought it only a year ago and frankly was surprised it was available. I’m known around the country as The Greatful Dad, but this year I may have to change my focus to The Caring Guy. Why? Because caring and parents teaching caring seems to be a lost art and it is getting worse…NOT better. Ask any teacher.

With the Digital Age cascading into our lives, the simple art of direct conversation is falling to the wayside in a tsunami of technology. Go out to any restaurant tonight and count how many tables you see where the ENTIRE family is focused down on their own smartphone…and it is going on at home even more. And families are not even taking the time to sit down together for dinner.

That private time was invaluable for me growing up and also for raising our own family. Face to face…eye to eye…asking questions like…What was the most interesting thing you heard today? And then being quiet and listening and learning what was important in our children’s lives. And if you LISTEN…you will find out just who your children really are…and what is important to the DNA roll only they have.

If I could only ask one thing of your parenting effort this year…that would be IT! Dedicate your dinner time to caring enough to sit together and talk to each other. My baby is now 27…and it seems impossible that time has flown by so quickly in my life. I am beyond grateful for every minute we invested in our boys hearts. The payback has been incredible. They truly are my best friends.

As I held my father’s hand as he took his last breath…all I could say repeatedly was…Thank you Dad. That is my goal as well. Most parents work their entire lives hoping to leave something of value for their children. Many think it should be money or a house…I hope to leave behind my HEART. In that way I can truly live forever…


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